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Case Study: Bathroom Repair Silicone Sealant Application in Kingley Gate


This week, I took on a challenging project in Kingley Gate where a bathroom and its shower cubicle had significant water damage due to poor sealing and tiling. The issues were not only aesthetic but also structural, affecting even the ceiling of the room below.


The primary problems at hand were a poorly tiled and sealed bathroom window sill and an inadequately sized shower screen. These issues had led to water leakage behind the tiles and grout, causing damage to the downstairs ceiling and necessitating a complete overhaul.


  1. Remove and replace the badly tiled and sealed window sill.

  2. Fit a new bi-folding door to resolve the shower screen size issue.

  3. Reseal around the bath and the shower cubicle.

  4. Minimise material wastage and complete the project efficiently.


As a mastic man specialising in silicone sealant application, my first action was to clean and measure the affected areas. This helped in preparing the surfaces for better adhesion of the new materials. I then replaced the old window sill with new cement boarding, followed by new tiles and grout. A new riser for the shower and a bi-folding door for the bath were also installed. For the sealing part, I chose a combination of white and jasmine colours for the vertical corners around the bath and the shower cubicle, ensuring both functional and aesthetic improvements. The work was executed with a focus on minimising wastage, just as my role as a mastic man entails.


The project was successfully completed, resolving the multiple issues that had plagued this Kingley Gate bathroom. The homeowner was pleased with the results, which restored the room’s functionality and enhanced its visual appeal.

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