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Resealing a Leaking Bathroom in Fontwell - Mastic Man Case Study

A Case Study In West Sussex

In my recent project, I had the privilege of resealing a bathroom that had encountered sealing issues. This task took me to the charming location of Fontwell, where I put my expertise to work.

A Common Mastic Man Challenge

The challenge presented was a common one yet of utmost importance. The bathroom had been poorly sealed, leading to potential water leaks. Such issues not only compromise the aesthetics of the space but can also result in structural damage over time.


For this project, I set clear and simple objectives:

  1. Reseal the Bathroom: The primary goal was to address the sealing problem effectively, ensuring there would be no leaks.

  2. Colour-Matching: To maintain the bathroom's gorgeous visual appeal, I aimed to match the sealing material's colour closely with the bathroom panels.

  3. Different Sealants: I used Otto Seal S100 for some parts and Dow Corning 985+ for others, based on their specific requirements.


Drawing from my experience as a mastic man, I followed a systematic approach:

  • Assessment: I began by assessing the bathroom, identifying areas where the existing sealant needed removal and replacement.

  • Preparation: Proper surface preparation is vital. I cleaned and measured the surfaces meticulously, ensuring they were free from dirt and moisture.

  • Colour-Matching: To maintain the bathroom's aesthetic harmony, I carefully selected a brown sealant that closely matched the colour of the panels.

  • Sealing: I used Otto Seal S100 and Dow Corning 985+ for different parts, applying, smoothing, and shaping the sealant as per the specific requirements of each area.

  • Clear Sealant for Glass: For the glass sections, I applied clear sealant, providing a seamless and transparent finish.

My actions were in line with my job description, focusing on sealing joints, filling gaps, and ensuring adhesion while letting the sealant dry and cure effectively, just as I do in kitchens and bathrooms across residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


As the project reached its conclusion, the outcomes were evident. The bathroom was now effectively sealed, with no concerns of leaks. The choice of sealant colour and type ensured not only functionality but also an aesthetically pleasing result. Most importantly, the client was satisfied with the outcome, which is the ultimate measure of success in my line of work.

What Sets Us Apart

At Gavin Baker Services, we take pride in offering:

  • Free Quotes & Advice: Transparency and guidance are integral to our service.

  • Friendly, Local, Experienced Handyman: Our local presence and friendly approach make us the preferred choice for many.

  • Professional, High-Quality Mastic Man Work: Quality is our hallmark, evident in every project.

  • Based in West Sussex: We are firmly rooted in our community, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

  • Extensive Positive Reviews: Our track record speaks volumes, with satisfied clients sharing their positive experiences.

In summary, this project exemplifies our dedication to excellence in mastic work, and we look forward to helping more clients with their sealing and waterproofing needs in the future.


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