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A Mastic Man Shower Area Transformation in Worthing


Today's assignment involved renovating a shower area in a residence located in Worthing. The task mainly included deep cleaning grout from mosaic tiles, repairing defective areas, and applying new silicone sealant to ensure a water-tight environment. Additionally, PVC quadrant was installed to address an issue with the plasterboard, and grab handle rails were added for convenience and safety.


One of the main challenges in this project was the deteriorated condition of the existing grout and silicone sealant. Not only were they aesthetically unpleasing, but they were also contributing to water leakage. Additionally, the plasterboard in one corner was compromised, which complicated the re-grouting process.


The objectives for this project were straightforward and aligned with my role as a mastic man:

  1. Deep clean existing grout from mosaic tiles.

  2. Identify and remove defective grout and sealant areas.

  3. Apply new mastic to seal joints and fill gaps.

  4. Rectify the plasterboard issue in the corner.

  5. Install grab handle rails for added safety.


Drawing on my expertise as a mastic man, I initially cleaned and measured the surfaces in the shower area, adhering to professional standards for optimal results. Old grout was meticulously removed from the mosaic tiles, and defective sealant areas were cut out.

After that, I applied, smoothed, and shaped new mastic to seal joints and fill gaps, aligning with my role to minimise wastage and improve efficacy.

To address the compromised plasterboard, I installed a PVC quadrant as a durable solution. This not only resolved the immediate issue but also provided a more stable base for the re-grouting process.

Finally, grab handle rails were securely fitted, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics were maintained.


The project was completed successfully, resulting in a waterproof and aesthetically pleasing shower area. The client was highly satisfied with the quality of work and the practical solutions implemented to resolve their issues.

What Sets Us Apart

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