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Grey Flecked Silicone Sealant Application for a Bathroom in Crawley Down, West Sussex


In Crawley Down, I recently undertook a silicone sealant project that required my expertise as a mastic man. The task at hand was to address a leaking bath that had previously undergone a resealing attempt. This particular project aligned perfectly with my skills and experience, allowing me to showcase my proficiency in using silicone sealant to resolve issues effectively.


The primary challenge of this project was dealing with a leaking bath that had already undergone one resealing attempt. Leaks can be elusive, and addressing them requires precision and expertise. Furthermore, ensuring that the new seal would not only stop the leak but also match the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom was paramount.


For this project, I had straightforward goals:

  1. Identify and rectify the source of the leak.

  2. Reapply silicone sealant to the bath while ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.


In line with my role as a mastic man, I followed a systematic approach to address the challenges at hand.

  1. Assessment: I began by inspecting the leaking bath meticulously. This step was crucial to identify the exact location of the leak and determine if there were any underlying issues.

  2. Resealing: I removed the old, ineffective sealant. This step involved cleaning and preparing the surface, ensuring that it was free from any debris or moisture that could compromise the new seal.

  3. Application: With precision, I applied a high-quality grey flecked silicone sealant. This not only sealed the joint effectively but also matched the corners, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing finish.

  4. Finishing: After applying the sealant, I smoothed and shaped it to perfection, leaving no room for gaps or imperfections. This step is essential to ensure the seal is watertight and aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Drying and Curing: Patience is key in this profession. I allowed the silicone sealant to dry and cure properly, ensuring its long-lasting effectiveness.


The outcome of this project was highly satisfactory. The leaking bath was successfully sealed, and the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom was preserved. The client was pleased with the results, and their confidence in my abilities as a mastic man was reinforced.

What Sets Us Apart

At Gavin Baker Services, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our USPs, including offering free quotes and advice, being a friendly and experienced local handyman, and delivering professional, high-quality mastic man work, set us apart. Based in West Sussex, our extensive positive reviews speak to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

This project in Crawley Down is just one example of our expertise in silicone sealant and mastic work.

Remember, if you have a similar issue or require any mastic-related services, Gavin Baker Services is your trusted local expert 👍


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