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Mastic Man Application For a Leaky Bath in Kingley Gate, Littlehampton


Today, I took on a project in Kingley Gate, Littlehampton, that involved addressing a leaking bath. The weather was humid, but that didn't deter me from delivering my professional mastic services.


The issue at hand was simple yet pressing—a bath that had started leaking. This needed quick attention to prevent any water damage and inconvenience to the homeowner.


For this project, the goals were:

  • Identify the leak source

  • Remove the old sealant

  • Apply new sealant to match the existing decor

  • Ensure a durable, waterproof seal


To resolve the issue, I adhered to the following steps, in line with my mastic man job description:

1. Assessment: I started by inspecting the bath to locate the leak source.

2. Preparation: I removed the old silicone around the bath and the vertical corners to ensure a clean surface.

3. Sealing: Using my caulking gun, I applied white silicone sealant around the bath. For the vertical corners, I used light brown sealant to match the wall tiles.

4. Drying and Curing: I left the sealant to dry and cure, as this is essential for a long-lasting seal.


The project was completed successfully. The leaky bath was fixed, and the client was pleased with the new, matching sealant and most importantly, a leak-free bath.

What Sets Us Apart

At Gavin Baker Services, we offer:

  • Free Quotes & Advice

  • Friendly, Local Service

  • Experienced, High-Quality Mastic Work

  • Based in West Sussex

  • Many Positive Reviews

For all your silicon sealant and mastic needs, Gavin Baker Services is your local, reliable mastic man in West Sussex.


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