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Silicone Sealant Services For Bathrooms

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The use of silicone sealant in bathrooms is an essential element for providing a waterproof seal, security and style. Silicone sealant is highly versatile and can be used in many places like the bathtub, tiles, window frames, showers and floors. It is a great way to prevent water leakage while still giving your room an attractive look

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What is "mastic" silicone sealant, and how does it work in a bathroom setting?

"Mastic" and "silicon sealant" are words often used interchangeably, as they refer to the same material: a type of sealant used for waterproofing. The main components of these sealants are silicone and polymers, which form a rubbery-like adhesive when applied by a mastic man (AKA a sealant applicator). It's flexible, making it ideal for use in areas with movement or flexing, such as around showers or bathtubs.

What are the benefits of using mastic silicone sealant?

Are you considering replacing or applying a sealant to your bath or shower areas?

Mastic silicone sealant is an excellent choice for because it's highly durable and waterproof. It can also prevent water from seeping through tile grout, which can cause damage to walls, floors, and fixtures over time.

It's easy to use, affordable and will help keep the water out for years with the right mastic sealant application.

This type of sealant is most often applied by your friendly local mastic man (AKA a sealant applicator), who is experienced in expertly applying mastic sealants in with precision and accuracy.

An experienced mastic man (or sealant applicators) will be able to ensure that the mastic silicone sealant is correctly applied, drying evenly and tightly over the chosen surfaces within minutes.

Applying mastic silicone sealant yourself can be tricky and can often result in a poor-quality finish. That's why it's best to let experts providing high-quality workmanship take care of it for you.

Why is silicone sealant important for preventing water damage?

It pays to have the right sealant in place to keep your home safe from water damage. For those not in the know, sealants can seal up those gaps and cracks, movement joints and expansion joints that otherwise let in moisture and cause major issues.

For example, around the edges of bathtubs, showers, and sinks, silicone sealant can keep water from seeping through. Also, silicone is a great way to ensure no water is finding its way through the grout around the floor and wall tiles.

Having the right kind of sealant in place can be the difference between having an expensive water damage repair bill and keeping your home looking good as new!

Additionally, it's important to have a good waterproof seal in other areas where water might come into contact with walls or floors, as this can lead to mould growth and more serious issues.

It might sound like something only an experienced mastic man (AKA a sealant applicator) would understand. But sealants are nothing more than a special kind of adhesive designed for wet conditions.

You need the right type of sealant for your home, and luckily there are plenty of sealant services (or a mastic company) out there that will ensure you get the best sealant possible that won't leave you paying dearly down the line. Just contact your nearest mastic man in West Sussex!

How can you tell if your bathroom needs new mastic silicone sealant?

Mastic sealant is essential because it keeps moisture from leaking and seeping into places it shouldn't.

There are a few signs to look for that will tell you if your sealant needs to be replaced or updated by a mastic man:

Black mould on silicone sealant

Black Mould

Black mould around poorly applied sealant is unsightly but very common. If you see black mould around your sealed edges, it's likely a sign that the sealant used is no longer waterproof and needs to be replaced. You can clean black mould with a good cleaning solution for a short-term fix, but you will need to replace or repair the sealant in the long run.

Cracked mouldy bathroom mastic

Cracks and Holes

If there are any visible cracks or holes in your existing mastic sealant, then it is time to replace it with a new one. These gaps can allow moisture to get inside, causing damage to walls and fixtures over time.

Grubby old silicone


If your existing sealant is more than 5-6 years old, it's probably time to replace it. The material used in mastic sealants eventually breaks down and becomes less effective. A new silicone sealant will be much more effective in keeping water out of your bathroom.

When checking your sealant, give particular attention to bathtubs, sinks, showers, and other areas that come directly into contact with water. If unsure of its condition, speak a professional sealant specialist from a reliable sealant company before further damage is done.

How often should you have silicone sealant applied, and why?

When keeping your bath and shower areas looking fresh, mastic sealant plays a huge part.

In dry environments, silicone sealant can last for 8 years or longer, but in wet, steamy environments, the sealant needs to be replaced more regularly.

It is recommended that your mastic sealant be applied every 4-6 years, depending on the moisture level.

This is because silicon sealants are highly waterproof and durable, but they can degrade over time.

We often forget about these areas compared to other areas of the house that need maintenance, but water tightness is the key ingredient to avoiding any water damage or dirt build-up. That's why it's recommended you call your mastic man, who can assess and decide when and what needs replacing.

It's always best not to wait until water starts leaking through and damages the interior structure - be proactive and check your mastic as often as necessary!

What are some of the best silicone sealant brands on the market today, and where can you find them for purchase online or in stores near you?

Choosing the right sealant is essential when taking on a tough repair job - and it doesn't hurt to go with a trusted brand. Some of the top brands in silicone sealants are Otto-Chemie and Dow Corning.

These companies have been creating superior sealant products for years. No matter what material you need to work with - whether it's plastic, stone, ceramic tile, glass, or metal - they have an option that fits your needs and a wide range of colours.

What Next?

All in all, silicone sealant is an important part of keeping your home free of water damage that can lead to extensive and expensive repairs down the road. If you're not sure when the last time your bathroom was re-sealed, or if you know it's been a while, check all of your corners for wear and tear before contacting mastic man services.

If you need a sealant company that can provide a perfect finish at very competitive rates, then get in touch with Gavin Baker Services today!

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